Log Messages as Tasks in Salesforce

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Salesbolt: v1.7.10+

Quickly create Salesforce tasks from messages, or any highlighted text on any website where you interact with Contacts or Candidates.

  1. Highlight the message (any portion of text, on any website), using your cursor. You should highlight the text from which you'd like to create a task:

  2. Right-click and hover over the "Salesbolt For Salesforce" menu.
  3. Then select the "Create a Salesforce Task for 'your highlighted message text'..." menu item

    Please Note: If you are a Mac user, a "right-click" is called a "secondary click" or "Control-click".

    Control-click an item (such as the highlighted text of a message) using your keyboard and mouse or trackpad to open shortcut menus. Control-clicking on a Mac is similar to right-clicking on a Windows computer.

  4. The New Task window will open with your Message Prepopulated into the Comments section.

    Please Note: If you are viewing a single matching Salesforce record at the time, Salesbolt will attempt to auto-populate the Related To (Contact, or Lead) field in Salesforce for you.

    If there are multiple matches, we will show you the list for you to select which record to associate the task to:

    If the Related To value is not populated, you can always search and link the message to any Salesforce Object via the Related To Lookup (Name) Field within the New Task Screen.

  5. Click Save

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