Yellow messages showing in Salesbolt

Some of the more common error messages shown within the Salesbolt Chrome extension are in fact no more than Salesforce related informational messages.

For example, the below message originates from Salesforce and tells us that the field 'Mobil_detail__c' no longer exists, however, Salesbolt at the time of initializing expected this field on the object's page layout.

Salesforce Message in Salesbolt

To resolve this, first navigate to Salesbolt's Extension Settings. First, click the Gear icon, and then "Settings".

Once in settings, navigate to Advanced > Troubleshooting, and click on the "Check Salesforce for Recent Changes" button.

The process can take 15-30 seconds, but after that, your fields/picklists/page layouts should be updated to your current live Salesforce org.