You can change any Salesbolt Extension User from Free to Paid, or Paid to Free, at any time. You can do so from the Salesbolt Extension Billing Section

This requires you to have installed the Salesbolt Chrome extension, connected to Salesforce, and that you have "Modify All Data" in your Salesforce profile.

First, navigate to the Billing tab via the Chrome Extension.


Changing a User from Free to Paid, or Paid to Free

First, find the user in question. You might want to use the Search Functionality. Then click Edit on the user.

Change their License, and Save.

Your Users Must Install and Connect First!

Only Users that have installed and connected Salesbolt to Salesforce have a working edit button. If they haven't installed and connected, the Edit button will show a message that the user has to install and connect first.

To do so, ask your user to install the Salesbolt Chrome Extension and connect to Salesforce. They will immediately be given a Lite (Free) license. Then when you go to the Billing page, that User will have an Edit button, and you can convert them from Free to Paid.

You need Enough Licenses

If you don't have enough licenses, you won't be able to add more users past your limit. You can chose one or both of these options:

  • Purchase more licenses through Salesbolt.
  • Make some of your Paid users Lite (Free) users to assign their license to another user.

You can see the total Extension Licenses purchased in the Billing Tab