Salesbolt will work with Seven20 immediately, because Seven20 is a Salesforce-based ATS.

Salesbolt will be able to:

  • Show Salesforce data on LinkedIn Profiles and Companies via the Chrome Extension
  • Create Salesforce/Seven20 Candidates from LinkedIn Profiles
  • Create Salesforce/Seven20 Accounts from LinkedIn Companies

If you have configured attaching the LinkedIn PDF, you can automate setting this as the Candidate's CV. Log a support ticket with Salesbolt, requesting "Seven20 PDF integration", with your Org Id, and the Record Type Id(s) configured for Candidates.

There are additional features our users have asked for, such as creating Job Codes. That requires several extra steps, but should be configured in a few minutes. The below instructions are for the Contact Code.

Create Seven20 Job Codes from within Salesbolt

Step 1 - Contact Object

From the Object manager, Navigate to the Contact object 

Step 2 - Create a Link

From the Contact Object, Create a "New Contact Code" link on the Contact

Step 3: Name the new Link

The Label can be anything you want, though is typically "Add Code to Contact", or "Create Contact Code". Whatever will make the most sense for your users.

The Name should starts with “sblink_” (without the apostrophes). So it might be "sblink_add_code_to_contact". It's important it starts with "sblink_" as that tells Salesbolt to show it in the Chrome Extension.

Then select the radio link for "Detail Page Link" with the Behavior of "Display in new window"

Step 4: Create the URL.

Your URL will look like{!Contact.Id}

Please make sure you replace the above with your correct Salesforce Org Domain.

And then Save this new link

Step 5: Add Link to Page Layout 

You'll need to add the new link to the page layout. From the Contact > Page Layout page, add the link to Custom Links

Optional Step 6: Push changes to users

The changes to the page layout should be visible to Salesbolt users within the next 24 hours or so. However, if you are testing this yourself, you probably want to see this right away! Here's how to get Salesbolt to check immediately for changes to page layouts.