Updating Salesbolt to the most recent version

When Salesbolt pushes an update to its Chrome extension, Google will automatically update your browser's copy of the Salesbolt Extension for you, but this can take 1-3 days, and sometimes even longer.

If you want to manually initiate the update, please complete the following steps.

Please keep in mind this is totally optional, because Chrome will eventually do this within a week or so at the latest, with no action on your part. But, this is how to immediately have an updated Chrome Extension.

How to Manually Update a Chrome Extension - Watch Video

  1. Click on the "Puzzle" icon in the top right of your Chrome Browser

  2. Select "Manage Extensions"

  3. Locate the Salesbolt Chrome Extension and click on the "Details" button

  4. Now in the top right, toggle on "Developer Mode".

  5. You should now see a new button "Update" appear, clicking this will initiate an update of your Salesbolt Chrome Extension to the latest current version.
  6. You may also turn OFF "Developer Mode", though this is optional