Error "Rest API is not enabled" for Salesforce

If you see 'Rest API is not enabled for this organization' while trying to connect Salesbolt to your Salesforce account, this means that your Salesforce org doesn't currently have API access, or that API access has been disabled for your user.

Salesforce REST API access is required for third-party integrations (such as Salesbolt) to enable the platform to be able to connect and communicate with your Salesforce instance securely. 


REST API access comes as standard with the following  Salesforce Editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

You can also inquire with your Salesforce account executive to see if it's possible to include the Salesforce REST API as an add-on package to your Salesforce Edition.

Below is a link to their documentation on REST API access as well as their support team:


Salesforce API Access Options


Salesforce Support

You may also want to try our Assistlead Chrome Extension as this extension does not require the Salesforce REST API.