How to map your Salesforce LinkedIn URL Feilds

***At present, you must be a Salesforce admin to configure this setting for your organisation***

You may already have custom fields in your Salesforce org on the Lead, Contact and Account objects (if not we'd recommend having your Salesforce administrator add these).

These LinkedIn URLs can then be used for:

  • De-duplication rules Salesforce (Plus for users of Salesbolt's Chrome Extension we use this as a unique identifier that helps to locate a perfect CRM match).

  • Quick access to the LinkedIn Profile / Company from within Salesforce
  • (Coming Soon!) Automatic record updates based on custom rules - Contact us for early BETA access and news!

Mapping the URLs into Salesbolt couldn't be simpler...

  1. Install the Salesbolt Chrome Extension (it is 100% free for low volume users/admins) + allows Salesforce admins to control organisation-wide settings, team-based settings and billing.

  2. Open the Chrome Extension and click on your user avatar (top right corner)

  3. Click on 'Settings' > 'Companywide Settings' > 'LinkedIn URL Field Mapping'
  4. Here you will see the LinkedIn URL Fields corresponding to Leads, Contacts and Accounts respectively.

  5. Simply select the objects above and map the respective LinkedIn URL fields accordingly.

  6. Click Save.

    Just created these fields in Salesforce? You may need to log out and back into Salesbolt to force update the picklist values.

    ***Only Salesforce URL type fields will be shown here.***

    As always, if you need any assistance our support team are always on hand to help!