Make Sure Extension is Visible

Do you see the Extension in Chrome at all times?

If not, then click the Extensions ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ icon in the top right of your Chrome Browser and then click on the ‘Pin’ icon, when the pin becomes blue Salesbolt’s icon will now stay pinned within your browser for easy access.

There’s a Sidebar!

While you can use Salesbolt as a regular Chrome Extension, Salesbolt also has a dedicated sidebar mode. This is really handy if you are creating a large volume of leads and want to reduce the number of clicks or if you are jumping around tabs while editing or creating a record, as the window stays open (unlike regular Chrome Extensions, which automatically close whenever you click away).

The Icon Colors Mean Something

Even if you don’t click the extension or have the sidebar open, you can still see if the LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Company, or Website you are on can be found in Salesforce.

 Salesbolt is either still searching Salesforce, or is not active on this page

 Salesbolt has not found a match in Leads, Contacts or Accounts

 Salesbolt has found a match in Leads or Contacts

 Salesbolt has found a match in Accounts, but not Leads or Contacts

Different Kinds of Matching

Not all matches are made equal, by matching, we are referring to the searching of matching Salesforce records in relation to a LinkedIn profile and or Company Page. When matching records are found you might see different words used to describe them:

  • Exact Match means that we have matched a record based on the LinkedIn Profile URL, to ensure that you benefit from this feature please have your Salesforce admin follow these steps to enable LinkedIn URL mapping.

  • Match (or Regular Match) means that we have matched a record based on the First and Last Name and Job Experience. We use Fuzzy Matching, so “Kat Smith” will match with “Katherine Smith”

  • Possible Match means that we have matched a record based on the First and Last Name, but not anything else. For common names, like “Bob Smith”, this might match to the wrong person.

Search Salesforce from your Browser, Quickly

No need to open Salesforce to Search. You can Search from Salesbolt!

Create Records, Anytime

Even if you aren’t on a specific page, you can create a record in Salesforce in seconds. The + button is really a Create button!