Salesbolt creates a Salesbolt Event record when it sees that a Salesforce Lead or Contact has a different Employer on LinkedIn, compared to the last run. There is no right or wrong way to get this information into your lead flow.

One approach is to move the Salesforce Contact to their new company, by changing the Account Lookup of the Contact to the Account in the Salesbolt Event's Likely Account (if populated) and also update the email address (if populated).

(Keep in mind this approach will also move Salesforce Tasks to the moved Contact, and thus may also remove the communication history from the old Account to the new Account. Thus it's not suitable when you want to keep your communication history associated with the relevant account).

Flow Instructions

Click on Setup, search for Flows in Quick Find box and then click on New Flow.

Select Record-Triggered Flow and click on Create.

Configure Start: Set the configurations as: Select “Salesbolt Event” as an Object and Select “A record is updated” in Configure Trigger.

Set Entry Conditions as:

  • Select “All Conditions Are Met (AND)” under condition requirements,
  • Salesbolt_Likely_Account__c is not empty and
  • Salesbolt_Type__c equals ‘Employer Change’.
  • Select “Only when a record is updated to meet the condition requirements” and Select “Actions and Related Records” under optimize the flow for and then Click on Done.

Click on ‘+’ symbol to add an Element

Select Update Records under Data.

Update Records:

  • Give label and select “Specify conditions to identify records, and set fields individually” option.
  • Choose Object as Contact and add conditions like
  • Id (Contact ID) is equal to 

  • Salesbolt_Contact__C ({! $Record.Salesbolt__Contact__c}).

  • Now update field values of contact

  • AccountID with Salesbolt Likely AccountId ({!$Record.Salesbolt__Likely_Account__r.Id}),

  • Email with Salesbolt_New_Email__c ({!$Record.Salesbolt__New_Email__c})

  • OwnerId with Likely Account OwnerId({!$Record.Likely_Account__r.OwnerId}). Click on Done.

Save the Flow by clicking on the Save button.

Click on the Activate button to Activate the Flow.