A common request from recruiters is to have the ability to upload a PDF from LinkedIn and save it automatically on the newly-created Contact's record.

This is both possible and easy with Salesforce! It will require about 10 minutes work on the part of your Salesforce Admin.


Create a formula field of type Checkbox on the Salesforce Contact.

 While you can give the field any label you want, the field Name must be salesbolt_upload_pdf so that the final API Name is salesbolt_upload_pdf__c

When Salesbolt creates a Salesforce Contact, immediately after creating the record, it will check the value of this formula field. If the value is True, then Salesbolt will retrieve the PDF from LinkedIn and save it on that Contact record.

Example Formulas

The formula can be whatever you need it to be. However, for testing, you might want to start with the simplest of formulas, TRUE

And once you've tested it and it's working, you can make the Formula suit your business needs, such as only making the formula TRUE if the contact is (for example) under a specific Salesforce Account.