From time to time, we roll out new features but hide them until they are polished and ready. But you can get early access to them! You'll be just like James Bond...(errr, almost).


Keep in mind that these features are not finished, so they might not work as expected. If something goes wrong with them, feel free to file a support case with us at (please include a screenshot if possible!).

Sync LinkedIn Messages to Salesforce

This feature is very much under development. This is the first iteration, where syncing is entirely manual, by button click, per message. Later we hope to automate this fully.

To enable, in the Salesbolt Extension, click the Gear and enable Message Sync.

Once a message is sent, you can sync it to Salesforce in one or two clicks!

This feature might require you to refresh your page once to make sure it's working.

See Salesforce Record Info on the LinkedIn Profile

To view your Salesforce data while browsing LinkedIn, you either have to click the Extension Icon, or open the Sidebar by clicking the Sidebar icon (to the right of the gear). But, wouldn't it be awesome to view Salesforce data right on the LinkedIn Page? You can enable this experimental feature in just a few clicks.

Once you do that, you'll see Salesforce Info right inside of LinkedIn.

See LinkedIn Company Info in Salesforce


  1. You are using Salesforce Lightning (not Classic)
  2. You have a mostly normal Lightning page
  3. The LinkedIn URL is somewhere on your Details page in Salesforce

To activate this feature, just click on the almost-invisible grey dot when on any Account Record

After you click it, you'll see a new section in your Details section, provided you have a LinkedIn Company URL anywhere on your Details page.

Click Search and...